Day 6

Sasafras Gap camping to Dick’s Creek Gap (Hiawassee, GA) – 6.3 miles


I was totally excited to get into town for my first rest break.  I was really just beat by the heat or whatever the day before.  Unfortunately my energy had not really recovered, and I also developed a bit of a hacking cough with yellow green phlegm.  Also, apparently the chafing that had started to develop on my bum #hikerproblems apparently bled through to my sleeping pad.  Gross.  It was time to get to town.

It was hard to keep going at times and the miles seemed really long.  Finally things started to warm up and I started picking up a little pace.  I got down to the road around noon after leaving closer to 9 than 8:30, late for me.  I got a hitch fairly quickly with Jose, who was up from SC installing carpets.  Checked into the Holiday Inn which is a nice deal on points (15,000)- they have a hot tub and heated indoor pool, and all you can eat breakfast!  There was a couple inquiring about a room when I checked in so I decided to offer the other bed to them in exchange for dinner or a few bucks.  They had more energy than I and were immediately off to “the highest point in Georgia”- I took a shower and headed across the road to the AYCE buffet, which was highly mediocre.  I really forced myself to eat and drink sweet tea, which luckily was not TOO sweet.  Took a nap after as I was still feeling low energy.  The rest of the afternoon I slowly perked up like a wilting flower just watered.  Will head out for Mexican soon with the couple, temporarily dubbed “The Hitched Hikers” (this is their honeymoon).


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