Dehydrate-a-thon Day 6 (last day!)

Well the last day of dehydrating.  I am writing this after the fact but it was dehydrate all day.  I got in some peaches and mangoes bought from Smart and Final in addition to everything else I had.  Gave up on the tahini which did not dehydrate at all.  I will use Amazon credits to buy some instant hummus I guess.  I think it was around $20 at Smart and Final, I will update later (but it may be months later!  Am writing from 6 days in on the trail as it is 😛

Also had the chance to go to costco last night with a friend.  It was too expensive to make jerky compared with their prices (I’d have to buy the right cuts of meat at under $4/lb just to compete with them), so I got a bunch of packs, and one or two other things (pea chips, nuts).  I spent a little over $100.

I was starting to wonder how I would get everything to NJ on the plane so headed to the Goodwill, which had provided a major score previously in the form of almost new New Balance minimus trail runners (later discarded as they were too small), Patagonia capilene 4 bottoms in my size, and a shirt and nice pants for my easter gig, all at $3 a piece.  The Goodwill hooked me up again with an almost new trunk and a classy American Tourister suitcase for $22 total.  I can consider that my “shipping” fee I guess though honestly that trunk would be pretty sweet to bring when I go on the cruise ship.

Just finishing everything up, it was really stressful to do this.  I feel pretty satisfied I got almost everything done but to be honest I am not sure if I would do things this exact way in the future.  Of course if it had been spread out instead of all in one week that would have made a huge difference.  I was really grateful though that my friends could hook me up with a place to stay and do this and also the dehydrators.


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