Dehydrate-a-thon Day 5

My time is almost up in LA and I am getting more nervous that I will get everything done.  I am not giving myself room to think about this (or just avoiding the issue?  who knows) and just moving from one dehydration project to the next.

Today I got the 6lbs of ground free-range turkey done.  As with the pork, it was actually really easy to do.  I’m not sure of the fat content but it didn’t seem like there was so much.  I cooked it in a non-stick pan (sorry guys, it’s what my friend had) and then rinsed in water in a colander.  I also put the sauerkraut and garbanzo beans in, the sauerkraut finished relatively quickly while the beans took longer.  I also had decided to put tahini in to see if I could dehydrate that.  Uh, what was I thinking?  Dumb move, it’s oily.  It didn’t end up dehydrating at all (on teflon sheets).  Now I have to order pre-made hummus mix which was sort of a stupid move.  Oh well, it happens.  I think I will use the beans now to make a lunch salady thing.  The refried beans by the way are going to go with the turkey in a sort of mashed chili.  I just decided it was easier to deal with, and I didn’t care as much about the texture.

While all this stuff was cooking I decided to take a walk to get the beef I wanted for Massaman curry.  This was my 3rd time walking around LA since I got back, mostly on Santa Monica Blvd.  It is still really shocking, here in the US what happens when you are walking is you see numerous homeless people, and have to avoid getting hit by a car every couple intersections.  How do we think this is ok?  The only other country I saw as many people on the streets as in the US was India, and that’s because people are p.o.o.r. there.  Completely unacceptable in a so-called first world country like the US claims to be.

It was a bit of a walk to get to the Sprouts natural market on Westwood Blvd, and I had forgotten that there was a Cost Plus World Market on the intersection there.  Sweet!  There is a post on the blog-o-verse about someone who got mini sausages for backpacking there, I decided to take a look.

When I stepped into the store there was a huge sign advertising 30% off all “salami”.  I asked the clerk what that meant and she said it was actually off all vacuum packed meats.  Score!  I got a variety of stuff: (US-made 😦 ) “Spanish” chorizo, various Italian style salamis, peppered salami, herbal salami, and even a cacao-salami which will be either disgusting or awesome.  I got in line and noticed everyone with their smartphones out with a coupon.  Oh wait!  I have one of those things now.  I looked online and easily found a code that got me another 10% off everything.  I spend about $25 in total.

After this I walked with my stash to Sprouts up the street.  The beef roasts were actually not for grass fed as I’d thought, just regular (though hormone-free) at $7/lb.  I decided to change my plan as I’d also not found the Massaman curry paste and get the grass fed ground beef which was $5/lb, a good price though not insanely cheap.  Dehydrating this was a little more of a pain than the turkey (I think it was 15% fat) but after I rinsed all the fat out it was pretty good.  I also picked up some good quality ginger candy for weeks when I am due to “get the mens” as my friend calls it.  It always cheers me up and helps with the nausea and pain I often get.

The other score was a bunch of chips.  I needed to boost my “salty” snacks category.  I got 1.6 lb of okra “chips” and 2 lbs of mixed vegetable chips (green beans, squash, taro, beets etc), each at $10/lb.  When you think about normal health food type chips they are often $3-4 a bag, and it’s usually only around 5 oz.  These were a good deal I thought.

Will post final #’s later but I spent around $25 at World Market and maybe $60? at Sprouts.


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