Dehydrate-a-thon Day 4

Last night I was super tired upon getting home from hanging with my friends.  It was only 10:30 but I turned off the dehydrators and passed out.  I realized this morning that I forgot to put the next batch of pork on (the first batch dehydrated beautifully!) so put the two shoulders I’d thawed out in the slow cooker.  Threw a lot more of my “sauce” (aka random-stuff-from-Nick’s-fridge-and-cabinets) and got a text from Nick later in the day saying it was more awesome than the last one.

The buckwheat noodles STILL were not dehydrated fully so turned the dehydrator timer on for a few more hours before heading out.

Today was a very social day- met my friend from school for breakfast (she had just flown back from some family stuff out east, and was going to China in the evening!!!), and then a couple hours later met up with another one for lunch, or hiking, or whatever it was we had planned to do or didn’t do exactly.  Friend #2 had just taken the CA acupuncture board licensing exams a few days earlier as well as treating some patients at the school clinic in the morning, so wasn’t as up to hiking.  We had some coffee and a salad at Rockenwagner bakery (jeebus! they charge THREE dollars now for a coffee.  Never again.) and then headed to the marina in search of a drink and maybe a little walk.  I guess we got that hike in after all because apparently we logged 7+ miles according to her app.

Finally we went to this place called Killer Cafe, which was pretty sweet and right on the marina.  I lived close by for 4 years, how did I not know about this place?  I swear it wasn’t there before.  So many things in LA are like that and it really frustrated me when I lived there.  Anyway our food was meh (guac/chips) and the beers likewise, but we had a great time catching up and being silly and sarcastic and random.

I am really happy that every day so far I have been able to hang out with old friends, and even get some hiking or walking in!  Super 🙂

I bought a few things today:

$29.78 6lbs Shelton’s ground turkey (it’s free range/no antibiotics)

$12.83 Google express/Groupon promo (1lb organic tahini, 6 packs already cooked sticky rice, 3 boxes Mary’s Gone Crackers, 1 jar Thai green curry paste)

$13.97  Smart and Final (108 oz garbanzo beans, 30 oz dehydrated refried beans, 108 oz sauerkraut)





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