Dehydrate-a-thon Day 3

Today I was starting to feel the laziness creep on.  Still I was able to finish up the mashed sweet potatoes which were in the second dehydrator, which has proved slightly geriatric.  The kiwis finished up as well and I was also able to cook the buckwheat noodles, which I picked up my friend’s place last night along with my new cellphone and a pair of Darn Tough socks gotten for free on ebay with a discount.  I messed up the noodles a bit though since I thought the best idea was to cook all of them (12 8oz packs) in the gigantic tamale pot at the same time.  Then forget about them.  They were a little pasty going in and I almost regretted dehydrating them at all, but I knew in order to save fuel it would be necessary.  I started them in the dehydrator but looks like they are a long way from finished 😦 Basically though I didn’t get a ton done on the dehydration front today.

I DID however get my new cell phone set up.  I feel like an 85 year old as I apparently no longer have any idea how to use such a thing.  It will be a learning process for sure.  One thing that I noticed that is nice that google apparently has a voice dictation thing.  I’m wondering if wordpress or something has that as well, I will not have a computer on trail obviously and it will make blogging a lot easier.

Another awesome thing that happened was I finally sold my old MLD Exodus pack.  I had put it on a few ultralight gear sites with no replies.  Decided one last try with GearTrade on reddit, got a reply within an hour.  I had to ship to France but that was no problem as the guy actually paid me MORE than what I asked for.  I was happy to ship same day.  Got my new Zpacks Zero backpack covered for in this way.

On the way back awesome thing #3 was that I stopped in the Goodwill store at Stoner/Santa Monica.  I went in and saw a sign advertising that all clothes and shoes were $3.  Why not poke around?  I had gotten rid of almost everything before I left, and the few clothes I managed to not forget or get holes in and bring back with me mostly don’t fit anymore after loosing 20-25lbs.  So what did I find?  Exactly what I was looking for, super dope: a small size women’s Patagonia Capilene 4 bottoms, almost new New Balance trail runners, a ridiculous pair of  running  shorts (motivation for getting in shape) and a black outfit for my Easter gig (we classical musicians are used to always wearing black).  The shoes are too small I think (I really need size 11) but I at least learned I don’t prefer normal shoes any more I guess- I’ve been wearing Merrell Contour Glove trail runners the last year, which are barefoot style- hopefully the zero drop size 11 Altras I got on ebay for like $20 will do the trick.  It’s super hard btw to figure out what sort of sneakers you need overseas, none of these styles are available, let alone in one store to try them on.

Later I went with a friend to meet yet another friend for a little hike at Griffith Park.  I actually had never been to the obvervatory at the top so we checked it out.  I was a little sad I couldn’t go to “Light of the Valkyries” which was playing in the planetarium, but it was overpriced anyway.  Insanely packed over there!  We grabbed some Thai food for dinner, checking off another of my LA cravings.


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