Dehydrate-a-thon Day 2

Today I finished up the rest of the veggies- 5.5 lbs of sweet potatoes turned into mash, 4 giant heads of cauliflower treated likewise, 6 giant bell peppers, and 2 lbs  of gala apples, along with finishing the veggies from yesterday (I can’t run the dehydrator overnight here and they needed a bit more in the dryer).  The cauliflower took FOREVER and I think it may be because I used parchment paper to line the trays (that dehydrator didn’t have any).  I didn’t get to the hummus but also wasn’t expecting to do the peppers or apples today.

My friend needed to go grocery shopping today anyway so he was cool to drive  me to some local places that usually have good deals.  The Ralph’s is a place I routinely used to score 50-75% off of meat.  I got a pack  of grass fed hamburgers for $3.50 to eat here, but then only got a normal sale on pork shoulder- almost 8 lbs for $11.  Not the highest quality either but a decent price at least.

A lot of normal foods are overpriced there so I suggested dropping by the dollar store up the street.  I did pretty well there, scoring 6 lbs of kiwis, 6 giant peppers and another 1.5lb bag of small ones, 3 lbs pears, 8 lbs gala and golden delicious apples, and just over a half pound  of coconut chips for $23.26.  Unfortunately nothing was organic but what can you do?  It’s a budget healthy thru hike.

NEW FOOD  TOTAL: $112.23

Tonight my friend and I are going  to put the pork in the slow cooker overnight (we can run that because it’s silent, unlike the dehydrator) and I guess I’ll have my first go at dehydrating meat tomorrow.  I also hope to get the apples, kiwis, and pears done.  I’ll be hiking with a frriend tomorrow so a good day to let stuff sit.

I admit I’m starting to get nervous about gettinng everything done but I’ll just do my best, prioritize the things that are  less mess-up-able or mission critical to dehydrate.  I’ve just decided on a dinner that only  involves dehydrating one thing- the rest is bought already dehydrated- so at least that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about too much.

I also am having second thoughts on making jerky.   It looks  like 4lbs of meat or so yield one pound jerky.  I haven’t seen beef or turkey that cheap and I know I can get already made jerky at Costco  (if I can find a friend with a membership) for $9.99/12oz. So I may save myself some hassle and go this route.  I guess buying online is another option which  can work well if I end up getting the amazon credits from a promo I’m working on.

My friend and I were able to go on a little hike while everything was cooking, up at Los Leones.  I had been there with friends almost a year ago to the day and the change was shocking- so green from recent rains!  Hard to believe I was in Southern California.  We logged a tidy 7.8 miles round trip and celebrated with Tacomiendo (the new location quasi-sucks, go to the original on Inglewood)


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