Oman in 6 Days Part 5

Day 5: Jebel Shams Canyon rim walk

I guess I finally warmed up though was feeling cold from the bottom a bit- the area where my tent was had carpet underneath, but below that was cement, which was hard obviously, and cold. .I kept trying just to stay warm, doing some reading, and napping a bit. .Finally it was time for breakfast to be served and I got in there and warmed up. .I walked past my car on the way and there was frost on it! .Yikes, it must have been really freezing last night. .Some idiot decided to trace the Subaru “S” in the ice which was a classy touch. .I got hiking maps from the main office the night before. .The summit hike I ruled out since I didn’t find anyone to go with, and it was a 13 hr hike which would have required me starting before sunup (and missing my warm breakfast). .I decided instead for hike 6 which took you along the rim of the canyon to an abandoned settlement. .I asked which way to go and leave it to me to ask directions from the mute staff member. .After going a couple km I realized it had to be the other direction, and THEN realized I had yet another rocky road to go up. .This road was also another couple KM but not on the edge of the mountain at least. .It led to a village overrun with goats, and there was a parking area. .I asked another group who had just gotten out if they thought this was it, and they thought so. .They didn’t even have a map. .I ended up hiking with them which was very nice. .They were a Dutch family- a young married couple and the girl’s dad. .They had saved up money and decided to do a long trip from the Netherlands down into Africa, aiming to go for 7 or so months with no official end date or destination (ostensibly it was South Africa but they were open). .I thought it was really inspiring that the dad came along also. .I can’t imagine many dads (definitely not mine, though I sure as hell wouldn’t want him to go) I know doing something like that. .We were pleased to find a little waterfall and trees just past the abandoned village, where we rested a bit before turning around. .By the way, I had to stash my load of clothes I stripped off on the way as it probably was around 25-30 C at least over by the canyon. .They were there when I got back though

I got back fairly early, maybe between noon and 1pm, so I warmed up in the sun, had some lunch, and took a nap for a little bit before doing some more reading and wandering around for sunset pictures. .The rest of the night was pretty much the same as the one before, except the French tourists from 2 days ago were there. .They also still wouldn’t talk to me, even though we were sitting at this long table together.


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