How to get from the Westside to LAX, for $1

In the past I have always taken public transit to the airport whenever possible- train, subway, etc.  In Los Angeles, however, it’s a huge pain to get anywhere with public transit.  I generally rely on several awesome (yes, awesome!  thanks guys) friends to give me a lift.  I’ve also taken supershuttle, which costs $18-20, and gives me a whopping 50 UA miles for each ride.

I’ve heard of services like Lyft and Uber, but they just seem too expensive.  I’d rather save my money (or free ride credit) for something I absolutely can’t get to with public transit).

So on a balmy Friday afternoon, after asking a bunch of random people in school if they were heading south on the 405 anytime soon, I decided to give google a try.  It told me to take the bus, and it didn’t seem too crazy.

It was delightfully easy, and 75 cents less than expected.


1.  Walk, bus, or bike thyself to PCH (Lincoln Blvd).  For me, the cross street was Washington Blvd.

2.  Get on the Rapid 3 Big Blue Bus and give the driver $1.

3.  Get off at the LAX bus transfer station.  Walk straight for about 50 feet and get on the FREE airport terminal bus.

4.  Get off at terminal of your choice, after telling driver where you want to stop.

That’s it.  The only bad thing is that the bus does not run late at night/early in the am.  But at least you’re covered during the day.  Think about all the tacos you can buy with the dollars you saved.  Then get some.


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