The Real World Wide Trip – 2015

Earlier this summer, I booked an epic-ly awesome ticket. It was a mistake fare that I was alerted to through the blog Mighty Travels, and the site I was able to score a ticket going from LA to Budapest, and then a few weeks later from Prague to Tokyo, for a little over $300.

When I saw this I did a quick calculation and decided to go for it. I saw that I could finish my requirements for school by week 10 with some planning. I booked the ticket for as late in 2015 as was available at the time and put my trust in the Travel Gods for a good journey and continued deals.


With a fare like this it’s a big relief to have a start to the trip. I’ll have 3+ weeks in Central Europe to travel around, and then go to Asia, and I don’t have to worry about the cost of the flight. From Tokyo I have many options. The one I am most excited about is to use 25k United Miles to go roundtrip from Japan to Oceania (maybe Fiji?). I am allowed one stopover and for me that will likely be New Zealand, where I hope to spend a couple weeks, then a few days in a Pacific Island paradise, before heading up to Hokkaido province of Japan where I have a mistake hotel rate ($7 a night!) booked for 3 weeks in a nice hotel in the northern part of the province. It looks like there is local hiking all over Hokkaido so I will be sure to check this out. I will have a chance to stop and rest a bit if I feel like it. I might do a little English tutoring if I can scare it up to make some money.


After this I have a tentative plan to go to Siberia in Russia, where it’s looking good that I will have good access to (maybe even jam on?) a music/culture festival in Kyzyl, Tuva Republic. After that I’d like to hit up a similar festival called Naadam in Mongolia, and then somehow get me to Serbia (hopefully via the ‘stans) by mid-August for the Guca festival (where, fingers crossed, I should have a place to stay thanks to a friend at school). I’m open then but I have a tentative goal to head back to Thailand for Christmas and New Year’s, since I had such a good time there in 2013-4 during the holidays. Nepal and India are places I’m interested in, but I’m open to any good deals in the fall of 2015. I plan to take the end of year holidays to reassess my future and what I will do with music and medicine for the years to come.


As a summary, this is where I’ve gone thus far! Quite a few places in less than 2 years 🙂
Screenshot 2014-06-18 at 16.57.47


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