How I go about budgeting a trip

Let’s see what we can do to get those other categories down.

Many of the things I want to do are actually free or nearly free.  Let’s see:

Muscat stuff: Wandering around the souk (free unless you buy anything), touring mosque (free), possible visit to world’s most expensive perfume factory (free) and also a big halvah factory, you can’t go into the Palace or fort, but you can go outside and take pictures (free), walk along the beach (free).

Wadi Shab- only fee is to take a little boat to the main part.  I think it’s less than 1 Rial.  

Bimmah sinkhole- free!

Ras al Jinz- a little unclear, but sounds like it is 6 RO give or take a rial or so = $18/evening and early am tour.

Nizwa- wandering around the town is free!  Yes, even the goat market!

Jebel Shams hike- free!

Bedouin camping- pretty expensive.  Lodging in general in Oman can be expensive.  However, I found a camp with decent reviews and that a lot of locals as well as foreigners (including a solo traveller lady) that is only 25 RO a night.  One has to pay extra to do any other activities that are common, but ranging from 2-10 OR each (camel rides, visit to local Bedouin settlement, dune bashing which is completely insane sounding) I should keep it under 50 (next cheapest place was 59 RO for one person, and didn’t include dune bashing, and the Bedouin visit is not guaranteed).  I’ll estimate 50 though it could be less= $150.  Yes, a huge chunk of the budget but I am hoping an unforgettable experience.

Final activities estimate: $170 plus any trinkets purchased in the souks. 


2 thoughts on “How I go about budgeting a trip

  1. You’ve really put a lot of thought and consideration into your budget. As a frugal travel myself, I’m constantly trying to plan and anticipate my costs for each country. Do you find you tend to be over or under more often with your estimates?

    1. I usually tend to be pretty much on. In Oman I actually was under. On this current trip (South Africa/Southeast Asia) I ran into a couple unexpected expenses in South Africa. I wasn’t too worried since SEA is so cheap but I had to really manage my expenses (down to the last baht, not even joking here!).

      Because of my research I knew how much things should cost here and where deals were to be had. So I ate well (30-40 baht street food), still got to do everything (massage course, couple massages for myself, trekking with homestay, rode elephants, hot springs, boat ride down the Mekong) but I just had to be really really frugal. I’m broke again…well, until I cash my refund check in a couple days heh heh.

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