Packing again!

I’ve just gotten back from the store, where I purchased a few goodies for my upcoming travel (starting tomorrow!).  Since I won’t be leaving the US/Canada region on this trip, that means no in-flight food for me.  The last couple trips have been pretty decent as far as airline food goes.  I tend to order the gluten free menu and have been safe with that.  The best food was on Air Canada, and worst on Lufthansa, surprisingly enough!  Everything is covered with cream and/or cheese, and not once (I think I’ve had 4 flights on them now) have they managed to get the gluten free thing right.  Oh well.  At least free espresso and tea at their airports.

Tomorrow I’ve got a cross-country flight from 12:30p PST-9:00p EST (5 1/2 hrs).  Then a 2ish hr train ride to Philly, where I’ll be getting in ’round midnight.  This means at least 2 meals for me.  Saturday is a-ok, but then Sunday is a LONG day of travel, taking megabus ($3.50) from Philly to NYC at 5am, then catching the train to Montreal alongside the Hudson river ($60), I think it’s over 12 hours!  That means more food to bring (they even have a sit-down restaurant in Amtrak trains, but the food is rather pricey).

Here’s some stuff for the rides.  I tried to do paleo mostly, but have some GF things as well.

Trader Joe’s:

Coconut chips (never tried these before, looked paleo-good)

Root veggie chips (sweet potato, batata,parsnip, taro)

Chopped veggies (tomatoes, snow peas, carrots, jicama- the latter of which I might hijack for paleo-sushi, along with….

Seaweed (got nori sheets and this sweet/salty blend.  Packed both together in the sweet/salty bag to save space)

Kale/chicken salad (kale should hold up well to a day of traveling.  Make sure to put salad dressing in quart-ziplock bag for air travel!).  Meal 1 on plane.

Low-sodium mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios, macadamias.  A great deal at $5.50!)

Olives (perfectly ok on airplanes as long as you drain them and put them in a plastic bag.  I packed some fresh rosemary in the bag to spice it up)

Mushroom rice noodle soup (just add hot water)

Turkey jerky

I stopped by our local Japanese market on the way pack looking for one of my favorite to-go items, onitsaki (spelled wrong probably).  It’s a little triangle of rice, filled with a small bit of filling like ume plum, chicken, or fish, and wrapped in nori seaweed.  They were out but what I DID find in the frozen section were pork bao (buns) made of a dough of taro and sweet potato flour.  For reals?  I’ll have these tomorrow for dinner with my instant rice noodle soup.  Epic find if these taste good.

After I get to Montreal Sunday night, it’s off to KlezKanada for a week, where I’m not entirely sure what awaits me on the food tip.  I bought a bag of gluten-free granola, and have a bag of chia seeds, ground almonds, and chopped walnuts just in case.

I’ll also be hitting the Reading Terminal market on Saturday in Philly (hello, Iovine’s produce!) and probably grabbing some cheapo fresh fruit/veggies there to add to my stock.  Maybe a bottle of local PA vino too, we shall see….


Y’all might be wondering how I’ll fit all this in my bag.  Right now everything, with air pushed out of the bag, fits in the bottom half of a paper grocery bag.  I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to fit these things between my backpack (yes, the same smallish Jansport one) and my trumpet case.  I still haven’t actually decided which trumpet I’ll be taking, but I’m leaning towards my rotary truba, which requires my new ($30!!) flugel case.  If so, I’ve got plenty of room in there for extra goodies.

My other items are getting smaller in size these days:

Ipad rather than a computer (long story, but after 5.5 yrs, my Macbook decided to go kamekaze out the back of my van).  With a chair, doubles as a music stand!  Opting not to bring a full-on stand since they are so heavy and just a poor use of space/weight 🙂

Compression stockings/leggings from Lace Poet: these things are now medically necessary for me AND they look cool AND they fold up really nice AND they are warm.  I’m only bringing one pair of pants on the trip because of them.

Black pants from Express via Goodwill: they are casual enough I can wear them to bed, but dressy enough to wear on a gig (just in case!). Also fold up well and don’t wrinkle.  $8 well spent.

Skirt: got a really nice one by a company called Lucy for $12 at Crossroads Trading thrift store.  I think it’s a tennis skirt.  It’s got a zippered pocket.  It was AWESOME to have while trekking around sunny Europe last month.  Combine with a black shirt, you’ve got an LBD for going out.  

Shirts: not TOO many.  2 tunics to wear over leggings, 1 sweater-dress (apparently it’s going to get close to freezing at night, and I’m always cold), one black shirt, one cotton button-down, 1 each short and long sleeve T that are long enough to wear over leggings.  I’ll wear the last 2 on plane most likely.

Shoes: black ballerina shoes (in case of gig or dress-up time), flip-flops for shower and when it’s hot, and then either hikers or these Keen tall boots I have for tromping around mud (apparently there might be some).  I’m hesitant on these last two but it looks like I need a good walking shoe that can get wet, which rules out my suede Vans I wear everywhere.  Blegh.

Swimsuit (just in case).  Underwears.

Travel towel and quart bag of shower stuff, soap

Mini-notebook, pencils, and photocopies of medical stuff I need to study for preclinical exam next semester (maybe about 40 pages)

Awaiting me in Philly is a new sleeping bag by North Face.  I sprung for it in order to get bonus miles and since it packed down small and light (2 lbs!)  It will go in the straps underneath my bag.

Passport AND wallet this time (don’t ask)

Emergency med kit (packed in iPod case)

Aaaaand….that’s all, folks!  Should be my lightest trip yet apart from the sleeping bag (which is still pretty light) and the food (that I will be eating).


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