So several months ago I went to Spain.  I was able to time my trip during a holiday we had at school, in order to miss only one week’s worth of classes.  When I was first getting into the miles/points game, I noticed that a great deal was on US Airways- from Jan 15-Feb 28, it was only 35,000 miles to fly roundtrip from the US to Europe.  It’s usually 60,000 miles, so this was a savings of almost 50%!

I was fairly flexible with where I would visit in Europe, which was good because the only catch with the deal was that I had to fly on a plane operated by US Airways; I couldn’t fly one of their codeshare partners.  There was a lot of availability for flights to Madrid so I hopped on that!  I had to wait for some miles to post from my winter break travels, so unfortunately the flight on the way back I wanted disappeared.  Luckily I was able to talk to a friendly US Airways agent who suggested a stopover in Philly on the way back overnight, and to catch the plane to LA the next day (unfortunately that plane was late and I missed class, whoops!).

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Panama/Costa Rica/Guatemala trip, finally!

I was following up on a post I made on a travel forum, and decided, uh, I should *probably* update my blog.  Before I go on yet another trip that I will be behind in posting about.  So this is a less-detailed-but-hopefully-informative account of my trip.  Phew!  This being the first day I’ve not been at school (NOT a joke) since my trip, it’s a pretty appropriate day to do this.

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