It’s official

So…right after I posted yesterday’s article, I received word that a bunch of members of Orkestar Slivovica, of Vancouver, are heading to south Serbia at the same time as me, to study with Demiran Ceremovic.  They invited me along, so I guess it’s official!  The only thing is I have to figure out all my plans AGAIN, does this mean I will head straight to Vranje?  Go to Valjevo second week of the workshop (or potentially, not at all?)  I’m still waiting on more details but everything’s up in the air.

In the meantime, cleaning up “house”, shedding the truba, and blasting through the rest of midterms (weeks 5-10 of a 15-week semester.  I guess they really ARE mid-term) and trying to keep cool as LA transitions out of “June Gloom” to a more toasty summer season.


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