Counting Chickens

Wow, that should be a band name.


Just taking a moment to realize how I can be kind of impatient sometimes. Writing the last few days and revisiting my memories of Turkey kind of slaps me in the face a little with how structured and on time we like to be in the US. And how we like to know how everything is exactly from what time to what time, and do you have all the details, etc.

I just was contacted about a potentially awesome gig opportunity for the summer with a Mexican group, and again I wanted to ask all these questions, which can’t really be answered at this point anyway (waiting for funding and some paperwork primarily, they do have a date they will know, and it’s soon). Still it was the same story all over again in my head, what, when, let’s know all the deets right now!

This sort of impatience and needing to know all the details is something I think makes people hesitant to travel. It can be hard to really integrate with the culture or be spontaneous when there’s only so much time to do the travelling. If you are in the US, you really can’t take much time off of work to do so because it’s likely you would lose your job. I guess in other parts of the world there’s more flexibility that way. I think though that maybe for many people here, they need to have all their chickens counted before they figure out if they’re going to make a meal of them or not.  I guess even looking up the recipes can be fun and satisfying even if you aren’t going to use them.  Maybe you will in the future, or use those ideas for a different recipe.  I think it’s the same about travelling, or learning to travel.  Even if someone doesn’t travel RIGHT now they might use that info later.  Or maybe just imagining’s enough for them. I think that’s ok though I understand the inertia that some people can get too, it can be good to just go for it.  Carpe diem!

I think there’s gotta be a balance of this though, whether you decide you like to stay within the system or not.  I’ve always gravitated towards the freelance world, previously in music, and futurely maybe with acupuncture (I really have NO idea what my day-to-day job would be like, there are a lot of possibilities out there and it would depend what sort of employer(s) I work for or if I even just completely do my own thing).  That obviously is going to allow me a lot more freedom and flexibility to travel then someone with the average 9-5 job.  It’s very, very, VERY easy to get caught up in the current paradigm and lose the ability to come up with creative solutions to things you want to do.  Hopefully this blog can give some people some ideas, though.


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