Hello out there!


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I’m Dawn Webster, and I’ve decided to write a travel blog about my adventures and misadventures. I’ve been traveling more and more, but being a student, I’ve had to be a little creative about how I’ve done this. I thought I’d put this out there on the internet for others to help plan their trips and see how this is possible!

Right now I am a student of acupuncture and Chinese medicine and herbalism, and make my home base in Los Angeles, CA.  My former full-time and current part-time gig is as a musician, generally playing trumpet.

My trips incorporate my interests:

+natural medicine/herbalism
+hot springs
+nature stuff 🙂

My trips do NOT include the following:
-Miles earned from credit cards (a popular way touted by many these days to travel cheap. I don’t qualify, and I bet a lot of students/explorers these days don’t either)

-Long extended trips (I’d love to do this sort of trip, but I simply have too tight a schedule. I do what I can and have decided that at this point in my life, a week now here and there is better than nothing at all, or just waiting to have a long trip in the distant, uncertain future)

Where I’ve been in the last year:
US: New York, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Richmond VA, Chicago, Tuscon, Eugene OR, and roadtrip from LA to Spokane WA, through CA, OR, WA, NV

Europe: Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey

Upcoming: Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Germany (maybe), Serbia, Moldova (maybe), China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, New Zealand, some places in US (not sure where yet. Philly is definite, Santa Fe probable, not sure where else)

Okay, okay. I know this sounds like a lot, some of these places I am only going to have one day in. But mostly I will be there a week or more so they count I think!

I will provide posts both while I am planning these trips and then during/after. I have some things to post about the trips I’ve already done this year, too.

Hoping to meet y’all soon!


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